Shanksteps #124 - Follow-up
by Greg Shank
June 13, 2009

Last Sabbath Audrey and I did a craniotomy, evacuating a epidural hematoma. God has really blessed this 18-year-old boy. As he came out of anesthesia, he was unable to move his right side. He was combative and I wondered if we had really helped him or not. His pupils were both reactive though.

Over the next few days, he started moving his right side a little. The drain I left outside his dura continued to evacuate blood. In a day his agitation disappeared. He started grunting and motioned for water. He drank and drank. I had left him pretty dry because of the head injury. The following day, he wanted food. By Tuesday he was sitting up. By Thursday he wanted to go outside.  With much help and support, his family took him outside and supported him while he sat as well.

Friday, yesterday, I took out his drain. After going to church today, I went in to check on another patient. There he was with a stick as a cane, walking around the compound. He grunted his hello and we shook hands. 

God is performing a miracle in him. Pray that he will also regain his speech. Thank you for your prayers.