Malamulo Hospital                   

HIV Care at Malamulo:  >90% of hospital patients in Malawi are HIV+. This is no different at Malamulo where the more uncommon diseases like Tuberculosis and fungal infections are seen because of the high HIV rate.  

HIV Prevention:  Of particular concern worldwide has been how to prevent the transmission of HIV from an infected mom to her baby. A clinical officer at Malamulo, started a HIV prevention program in 1994 to prevent the transfer of HIV at birth.  In the U.S. the rate of transmission at birth is currently at 2%. At Malamulo, the rate is <1%.   Malamulo was recognized as a center of excellence for Maternal-Fetal care by the WHO and was chosen as a site for training Midwives from all over the continent.

Community Health:  Malamulo Hospital also sends out teams to local rural villages to do basic health, child immunizations, and HIV education for those not able to come to the hospital.  

Hospital Wards:   Besides an outpatient clinic, Malamulo also has an adult ward, an isolation ward, a pediatric ward, a maternity ward, a private 'Annex' unit, and a surgery theatre.

Feeding Center:
  Adjacent to the hospital is the malnutrition unit where kids who are malnourished stay with their moms who are taught how to garden and cook nutritiously. 

Patient Care:

Doctors:                              Dr. Cristy Shank          Dr. Ryan Hayton        Dr. Smith Chibaka        Dr. Chipoka

Clinical Officers (~Physician Assistants), Medical Assistants (~Nurse Practitioners), Nurses, and Nurses Aids.

An important part of every patient’s care is their guardians. The guardians are the ones who cook for and feed the patients, and who bathe and care for the patient’s physical needs.  Guardians are most often family members and they stay with the patient during their hospital stay.

Areas of need at Malamulo:
 Obstetrics operating room, Oxygen concentrators, Patient monitors for the ICU, Annex ward renovation, and the Mission Housing project. 

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