Mission News - To Friends and Family
by Greg and Audrey Shank
April 2, 2010

To Friends and Family,

It is with excitement and apprehension that I write this letter.

As you
know, we have been separated from Sarah now for almost 2 years. Although she has done well adjusting to the ways of the US, and has done very well in school, we have made the decision to move back to the USA to be closer to her while she finishes her last 2 years of high school. This is something we have been talking about and praying about for a long time, and have decided that now is the time to return to the US, semi-permanently (we will probably go back out when Sarah gets older...). Our present plans are to have Sarah come out to Cameroon for June and July as she wants to spend the summer here at "home"; then to return with her in August to prepare for returning to her junior year in Academy.

With that said, we are obviously looking for (a) replacement doctor(s), to ideally start before we leave so we can "show them the ropes". If you know of anyone interested in practicing medicine in a very rural African village, let them know that we're looking.

In addition, we are currently looking for placement in the US for ourselves.

We have made several contacts already in the Northeast and Northwest. Our wish is to be close to Sarah, who will be just outside of Spokane, WA; or my dad in Connecticut. If you know of General Surgery AND FP/Urgent Care/or ER positions available in these areas, please let us know.

We pray that this will be the right decision for everyone involved, and that the work in Koza can go forward under new leadership. It is a difficult decision to leave Koza now that many problems have been worked through, but maybe it's time to "pass the torch" to someone new to carry on the mission.

Please continue to pray for the people of Koza, for doctors to replace us, and for us Shanks to find the perfect work opportunity in the US that will fit all of our family needs. Thank you for your love, prayers and support over the years.

In His Mighty Grip,
The Shanks